8 for $8: Affordable Meals in Glenside

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Tired of the dining hall? No problem. Here's some great alternatives to nasty campus food

From guessing what goes into the Dining Hall’s chili to stuffing our faces with the same old Domino’s pizza, we all know college dining leaves little to be desired.  Our eating habits hit the fan as our cash-flow slows to a trickle and fresh food becomes a luxury.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get tired of the Easy Mac and ramen diet.  Sometimes I just want to go out to eat.  Other times I just feel lazy and want my food delivered to me.  We can’t all afford to dine out in Philly, but for Arcadia University students, we have closer (and cheaper!) options.

So why not treat yourself to a fantastic meal? Only a ten minute walk from campus, downtown Glenside offers numerous bars, cafés, and restaurants sure to leave your mouth watering without putting a strain on your wallet.  So, whether you’re frugal or just plain short on cash, here are the top eight inexpensive meals to keep your bellies—and bank accounts—full and happy without trekking all the way into the city.

8. Anne’s Kitchen Table

11 Wesley Avenue

(215) 576-1274

Miss Mom’s cooking?  Whether you’re homesick or just tired of the same old dining hall food, Anne’s Kitchen Table is the place to go. From the fireplace bookshelves to the actual kitchen tables, this hole-in-the-wall restaurant brings the comfortable aspects of home to your lunchtime.  Anne’s offers the best in simple comfort foods, from soups, sandwiches and salads every weekday, to family-style dinners on Friday nights.  They also deliver!

Steal: LA BLT, $7.95

Slabs of crispy bacon, turkey, leaf lettuce, tomato and spicy guac served on toasted Panini bread.

Splurge: Any Friday night dinners, $15.95

Hearty, just-like-Mom’s cooking, ranging from Meatloaf to Orange Chicken.

7. TreVi

Fettuccine Alfredo with Roasted Roma Tomatoes 1

Fettuccine Alfredo is a great alternative to pizza and the pasta options in the dining hall

21 E Glenside Avenue

(215) 884-9100

Rumored to have the best thin-crust pizza in town, TreVi is the restaurant to enjoy Glenside’s most authentic Italian.  We can’t all study abroad in Italy, but you can pretend with the fine selections of flavorful Italian-style antipastos, pizzas and pastas.  Seat yourself next to the namesake Trevi Fountain wall mural and let the BYO wine and good times flow freely.  Just don’t forget to satisfy your sweet tooth with one of TreVi’s delectable house-made desserts.

Steal: Fettucine Alfredo, $7

Al dente fettucine drenched in creamy, savory alfredo sauce.

Splurge: Clam & Garlic pizza, $16

Fresh hand-shucked clams, fresh lemon, Italian parsley, and mozzarella on a thin-style crust.

6. Jasmine Asian Bistro

138 S. Easton Rd

(215) 885-4333

Tired of ordering from the same old Chinese place every Friday?  Spice up your life by slurping your noodles in style and dine out at Jasmine.  What seems boring from the storefront on Easton Road is nowhere near reflective of the delightful interior.  Fortified by quick and efficient service, Jasmine is a beautiful and pleasant dining experience, perfect for group dinners or (affordable) first dates. Score!

Steal: Chicken Chow Mein Luncheon Special, $5.75

A blend of seasoned chicken, egg noodles, and veggies served with pork-fried or white rice.

Splurge: Lovely Couple Chef’s Special, $18.95

Shrimp and tilapia lightly breaded in spicy mango sauce, served with white rice.

5. Blue Comet Bar & Grill

106 S Easton Rd

(215) 572-9780

Has night class messed up your chances of eating dinner?  Not a problem! After a two-year hiatus, The Blue Comet is back and better than ever.  Not only does it cater to your hunger pangs by serving dinner until midnight, but it also offers live entertainment on weekends.  With the help of Acoustic Saturdays and Rockabilly Sundays, this bar delivers to its customers with good food, good entertainment, and just the right touch of class.

Steal: Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich, $6.95

Crispy breaded chicken topped with a thick slice of mozzarella cheese, doused in fresh tomato sauce and served on a steak roll.

Splurge: New York Strip, $18.95

A juicy 10oz New York strip steak served with potato or rice and your choice of vegetable.

Cheddar French Dips with Simple Au Jus

This sandwich is way tastier than a wrap or panini from The Chat

4. Glenside Pub

122 S Easton Rd
(215) 576-9354

Just as Cheers once was, Glenside Pub is the place to go “where everybody knows your name.” This bar-turned-restaurant draws heavily on Irish influences and prides itself on the warm atmosphere its service provides.  At this non-smoking establishment, everyone is welcomed with open arms. Whether you go out for dinner or just want to come watch the game with a pint, college students are always encouraged to join the GP family.  If you’re not a regular already, you’re sure to be soon.

Steal: Hot Beef (French Dip), $5.95

A pub classic, thinly sliced roast beef dipped in au jus and served on a Kaiser roll.

Splurge: Sirloin Steak, $16.95

12oz of sirloin steak grilled to your liking and served with rice or potato and vegetable du jour.

3. Elcy’s Café

1 Glenside Ave

(215) 884-5600

Elcy’s Café, located at the Glenside train station, is a great little coffeehouse with a quaint ambiance, known around town for its good hot chocolate, savory breakfast sandwiches, pastries, giant cookies and other food stuffs.  Free Wi-Fi access makes this a great place to come and work on your ten-page paper, or even just hang out and chat with the friendly staff. If you’re looking for a local hangout with delicious food and a go-with-the-flow attitude, Elcy’s is the spot for you.

Steal: “Charley” sandwich, $6.95

Sweet thin London broil, provolone & sautéed mushrooms with zesty mayo on a roll.

Splurge: 2 Chicks & A Fish, 3 in 1, $8.95

Chicken salad, turkey Dijon & white tuna salad atop a small house salad.

2. Apollo Pizza

112 S Easton Rd

(215) 885-4771

If you’re an Arcadia student, Apollo’s Pizza should be a familiar name.  Popular among AU club meetings and people having a feeling-lazy-let’s-sit-on-the-couch kind of night, the pizzas at Apollo speak for themselves.  But let’s face it: pizza can get real old, real quick.  Lucky for us, Apollo also offers expanded menu items like strombolis, subs, cheesesteaks, and wings.  All that’s left for us to do now is utilize the quick and easy order online feature.

Steal: Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak, $5.95

A mountain of spicy buffalo chicken stuffed in a hoagie roll with your choice of cheese, bleu cheese dressing, and hot or mild sauce.

Splurge: Large Italian Stromboli, $14.45

Italian sausage, pepperoni, hamburger, and an assortment of cheese and veggies served in a crispy Stromboli crust.

1. Rocky’s

22 E Glenside Avenue

(215) 887-3866

Hiding around the corner from the Glenside train station, Rocky’s is the gem of quality eateries, offering up both


Feel like splurging? A house special from Rocky's is totally worth it

awesome taste and cheap prices.  This deli-style restaurant, although small, encapsulates the pride of Philadelphia foods.  Whether it’s your first time eating here or your one-hundredth, Rocky’s staff always treats their customers like family.  If you don’t feel loved already, just remember that they always do free delivery!

Steal: Steak and Eggs Breakfast Sandwich, $4.70

Steak and two eggs topped with cheese on a Kaiser Italian roll.

Splurge: House Special Cheesesteak, $13

Double meat, double cheese, sauce and onions served in an 11” hoagie roll.

Photography credited to McKay SavageScott Mindeaux,alanagkelly and stuart_spivack all via Creative Commons licensing. 

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