Abandoned Mysteries

Mystery surrounds us, but nothing is more mysterious than an abandoned place. Weather it’s a house, a factory or an amusement park, it doesn’t matter. What drove the owners out? Was it money issues, unfriendly neighbors, supernatural activities perhaps? We don’t have the answers- only our imaginations can tell us. Is this what’s in store for us? Broken windows, overgrown weeds, scattered garbage and tattered roofs? We may never know. Our future is unsure, but by exploring these lonely venues we can uncover clues from the past that point us in the right directon.

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Features photography from:
Clementon Township, Camden Country, New Jersey, United States (via Morgan Wells)
Spreepark, Berlin, Germany  (via Danielle Kocher)
380 Church Street, Alburtis, PA, United States (via Bri Wink)
A House in Beach Lake, PA, United States (via Danielle Kocher)

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