Letter from the Editor

For those of us who mark time by the Gregorian calendar, December is the end of the year. That’s kind of a huge relief for most, but it also means gearing up for 2017. LocoMag decided to take this time to reflect on what “ending” means.

In this issue, Loco writers explored the meaning of “End of the Line.” Interpretations ranged from literal to, as always, not so obvious. Eric reviewed a seafood restaurant, Sarah teaches us the history of line dancing, and Austin critiques after-credits scenes in movies. Kristen was a champ and rode out to the end of a SEPTA Regional Rail line and explored Doylestown for her third edition of The Restless Student’s Travel Guide. I wrote an article about why adjunct professors are starting to unionize, what that entails, and why you should care. We had a tie for “most cleverly titled articles” this issue – Lana’s Global Warning and Austin’s Overwhaleming Developments in SeaWorld are both pretty good.

So spend the end of your year reading LocoMag, and enjoy whatever holiday you either do or do not celebrate.

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