Letter from the Editor: Through a Prism

It’s been an odd start to fall here in Philly. The leaves are tentatively changing color, but the weather has yet to turn. The summer heat’s just sitting over the city, taking its time and really letting us soak in the final rays of the hot and – at this point – completely unwelcome sun. It doesn’t really feel like fall when your apple picking photos feature t-shirts and shorts, but if there’s one thing that weather can’t change, it’s Loco. So here we are, tossing out a brand new issue for you, because it’s what we do.

In this issue we’re looking at things in a new light, changing or just rethinking our perspectives. Lashanna talks about the colors of the Confederate flag while Paulie questions whether ethical consumption is even possible. Sarah discusses death and new life, while Callie watches a ton of really bad horror movies and kind of enjoys it. Kenzie kicks off a new column of Broke Bitch’s Budget by talking about, what else, chocolate, and Audrey reviews Rihanna’s hit makeup line, Fenty Beauty. There’s something in this issue for everyone, so the pile of leaves can wait: dive into Loco instead.

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