Literally Obsessed with Loco

In this special 25th issue video, some of our previous editors share why they were (and still are) obsessed with LocoMag.

Danielle Kocher lives in Philadelphia and has a YouTube channel where she talks about veganism and vegan products, which you can check out here.

Bri Wink is currently living in London, getting her Masters in Multimedia Journalism and running the website/blog for a podcast.

Frances Dumlao is a NYC-based social media editor at Bustle, building the social channels for Romper, its new sister site for millennial women with kids.

Brittany Tedesco currently works as an Account Coordinator at CPR Strategic Marketing Communications. She also teaches and practices yoga, and is involved in community theatre.

Lauren Pickens is currently a Marketing Content Specialist in Houston, Texas. When she isn’t indulging in the (surprisingly diverse) Houston food scene she’s most likely blogging or working on her debut novel. You can follow her shenanigans on Instagram @watchmewrite and Twitter @whimsywriter.

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