Nobody But You – Unforgettable MB

Recently, a post was circulating throughout Facebook Land that said something along the lines of “Michael Buble is coming out of hiding since it is Christmas time.” However, many people forget that Michael Buble does so much more than serenade fans and listeners with Christmas music, though most are familiar with his song “Home.” On October 21, 2016, Buble released his latest album, “Nobody but Me,” in digital and physical form. He co-wrote three of the songs and the others are covers. The deluxe edition includes bonus songs.  A couple of the songs have guest artists, from a rapper to famous singers.

Each song reflects Buble’s unique and well-known voice. He has a characteristic style, and the songs, while all different in style and feel, bring out his vocal sound and style.  He has experimented with new feels, styles, and instrumentations. He even features a rap section performed by someone other than Buble, on the title track, “Nobody but You.” Only a couple of the songs talk about love, which is what most people remember about Buble’s music in general. His Frank Sinatra style is portrayed on a majority of the songs on the album, making the songs timeless. The songs that break this mold are just as memorable because they stand out.

“I Believe in You” is fun, uplifting, and inspiring. It is similar to a couple songs on his previous album when it comes to feel and style. The lyrics make it feel like Buble is speaking right to the person, making the song personal to whatever the listener is experiencing in life. The song has a city vibe to it, inspiring the listener to accomplish their goals and hopes, even in a chaotic setting. “My Kind of Girl” represents the style that is typically associated with Buble’s music. It is a love song describing a girl he loves. It is a song that has a Frank Sinatra feel to it, which fits Buble’s music, voice, and personality perfectly.

Buble has an amazing emotional connection to each and every song on this album, even the ones he did not write. This passion for what he sings shines through with every note that he belts out. Every word and each note sets a scene and feeling for the listener to get swept into, taking them into Buble’s universe for as long as they decide to stay. This feeling of escaping to another world helps the listener remember this album. “On an Evening in Roma” embodies this feeling and is a fun surprise from what Buble usually sings. The listener is transported to Italy for a moment.

Fans old and new will enjoy this delightful, fun, and uplifting album. It is available wherever music is sold and is playing on various radio stations. His voice and the style of each song are unique and awesome and there is a wide variety of musicians that appear on the album. This album will prove to be memorable for all who experience and venture on this musical journey with Michael Buble, and will get people to remember all of the music that Buble sings besides just Christmas music.

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