Our Weird Obsessions


  • Space/ALIENS: The only thing keeping me from being an astronomer is a deep, long-time hatred of mathematics. Will literally ramble on for an hour or more about the Voyager space mission if prompted. I had to write an op-ed for a class last year as my midterm assignment, and I chose to write it about aliens. Fan of the following media concerning space: Cosmos (book and documentary), X-Files (show), Death by Black Hole (book).
  • Tea: There are 11 boxes of tea in my dorm right now, and this was me being selective about what I brought from home. Researches types of teas in free time. Life goal is to be a person who makes their own blends of tea.
  • Health & Beauty: Frequently makes homemade face masks, spends too long researching new bath products and lotions to use, sunscreen fanatic (I can tell you everything you need to know about sunscreen).
  • Scheduling: In every book of mine and on every electronic device, you will find pages and files that are to-do lists, meticulously compartmentalized into sections of varying urgency. Not a spontaneous human. I spent four hours yesterday trying to schedule a spontaneous trip to NY for today, and then ended up not going anyways.


  • Beyonce: I don’t think I need to continue to express my affinity for Queen B.
  • Space/Aliens: I. LOVE. SPACE. I love all things space, it amazes me, it’s beautiful, and like Kristen, I would be aiming for a job in astronomy if I didn’t loathe *most* things numerical. Also, aliens are real, and I’ll fight anyone who tells me otherwise.
  • Tea: I love tea. I have two gallons of iced tea in my fridge right now, exclusively for me. I have a large case of tea featuring at least 20 different types, and another big box in the cabinet. I drink it with everything, in any weather, and yes, I’m aware that I have a problem.
  • Disney: Disney is hands-down, my favorite place in the entire world. If I could visit any country–and this is saying a lot for me, because I also love to travel– or go to Disney, I’d pick Disney. I love the magic of it, I love embracing my inner child. I love Disney.
  • Travel: If I could make money by just traveling for the rest of my life, I would. I’ve considered (and I’m still considering) a job as an airplane stewardess. I feel a little bit like I’m missing out on the world, like a huge case of constantly inescapable FOMO unless I’m on the road.
  • Dance: I’ve dedicated a portion of my life to dance, and it’s one of my favorite things to do. I don’t have much to say about it because it just became part of who I am. It affected my fashion sense, my workout regimen, and my friends.
  • Mountains/Beaches: Now this is very vague and a weird thing to choose, but the truth is, I love the outdoors. More specifically, I love the mountains and the beach. I have a small mountain tattoo on my foot with a little wave attached to it. I feel a sense of belonging when I’m at either place. The ocean mystifies me like the cosmos. The mountains do the same.


  • Notebooks: For whatever reason, I have an affinity for notebooks. It doesn’t matter if I already have twenty that aren’t even close to being finished, if I see a pretty or quirky notebook in Staples or the school store, I have to have it.
  • Stuffed Animals: I’ve cut back a bit since my elementary school days, but I will never say no to another stuffed animal. To me, they aren’t just toys, each one has a different name and personality. They have thoughts and feelings and I feel bad if it seems like one has been neglected or falls off of my bed during the night.
  • Galaxy Print: I am very much a stereotypical “tumblr kid” when it comes to pictures of the galaxy. I currently own two shirts with different prints on them and I plan to expand that collection in the future. Something about it just calms me.
  • The Beatles: This is more of a lifestyle than an obsession, but my love for The Beatles is undying to the point that they are relevant to my everyday life. My room has three Beatles posters and I even have a tattoo that says, “Let it be.”
  • Language: Whether it’s learning a new one, reading, writing, or in film/TV shows, I think how we communicate with one another is fascinating. I’m also completely guilty of “people watching” and casually overhearing others’ conversations.


  • Schedules: What I mean by schedules are the schedules placed by movie studios and television networks. I’ve been following them since 2011, and I still have a decent idea of remembering what movies came out in what month and year. For television, I still remember the basic schedules for networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX, including ones from three or four years ago. It’s an odd thing to become obsessed with, but as an entertainment junkie, the placement of what shows and movies go where is something I find rather fascinating.
  • Nuts: Peanuts, walnuts, cashews, almonds, pistachios, you name it. If you give me a bowl of nuts, I’ll probably eat all of it. The flavor’s great, but the crunch sells it for me, as it gives it that extra sensation and feeling to each and every bite.
  • Dragons: I love animals to begin with, but dragons are my personal favorite animal, in spite of them being a mystical creature. What makes them so cool is how varied they can be due to their mysticism; they can be enormous or tiny, can come in multiple colors, and are varied in their personalities, ranging from menacing to playful to cunning. Whenever a movie or show has dragons in them, you immediately have my attention, no matter if the movie or show is good or bad.


  • Clipboards: Clipboards are my absolute favorite! Especially the ones that flip open and can hold papers inside of them! I just collect them and fill them up and they each have their own purpose and I just feel so organized and professional and I love them!
  • Beyonce: My all time, absolute favorite singer. She’s stunning, gorgeous, breathtakingly beautiful, talented, humble, inspirational, and just gives me so much life. No matter what mood I’m in, Beyonce can make me better. I’m not religious, but I’ll worship her in awe any day of the week. And in her own words, “Bow down, b*!ches”.
  • Rubber Ducks: I collect rubber ducks because they are adorable and cute and make life better! I have a wide variety of them and they make me have a more positive outlook on the disgustingness of life. I wasn’t able to bring them all to college with me though because my mum said that deep down she thinks I’d probably be embarrassed by having a rubber duck collection. *SCOFF* Ok mum, sure.
  • Planners: Not really sure why, but I loooove planners. I buy a new one each year. I never use them, ever. But I love having them. I have all of them just sitting on my shelf in my room. I occasionally bring one with me to my classes, but for the most part they just sit on my shelf to collect dust and for me to look at.
  • Purses: I HAVE SO MANY PURSES!! I absolutely am obsessed with purses. They’re among the few things that I will constantly splurge on while out shopping. I have so many, that no matter what I’m wearing, I probably have a purse to match it. I carry my LIFE in my purses, so they’re important, ok?! They serve a purpose!!
  • Hair: I LOVE hair. I love touching people’s hair, playing with people’s hair, looking at people’s hair. It just infatuates me. People’s hair is such a huge part of their identity, and it makes everyone unique. I love that hair can be used to express oneself. (P.S. If you let me touch your hair, I will probably compliment it excessively and want to be your best friend so that I can touch it whenever I want without it being considered creepy).

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