The Chill App

“Are you having the same thought running around and around?”

That’s the first message I received when I downloaded the Chill app on my phone. I thought to myself, “Do I have the same thought running around and around?” It most certainly caught my attention and made me reevaluate what I was thinking about in that moment. I don’t know if it calmed me though, I sort of just had a mini panic attack.

For a week I downloaded the Chill app onto my phone from the iOS store. The general setup of the app is a list of motivating and thought-provoking quotes for everyday. I opted to receive daily reminders of quotes on my lock screen. Although I can’t tell if it was a good idea or not. Another message I received was:

“All is well in this moment. Let the present make you smile”

I thought that was pretty nice and almost forced myself to smile while leaving one of my least favorite classes. Not too many things can do that.

When clicking on the reminder it sends you to the app and it shows you the quote of the day. Which looks something like this:

The setup is pretty basic, but the pictures are nice enough. Its basic-ness is its main downside however, and it also doesn’t help that there are ads  you have to pay to remove. This app legitimately deserves none of my money.

Overall, I don’t really think the app is very calming. I can easily look up quotes every day if I wanted and I wouldn’t have to pay to remove the ads. It seems very plain and if it were more elaborate and detailed I think it’d be better.

  • Fast forward to a week later, the same message I received in the beginning of this article showed up again. I was very annoyed, because it shows they didn’t bother to provide other reminders to send me. My mini panic attack came back again, I felt personally victimized, and I had to delete it before I thought about what was running around and around in my head all over again.

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