What Makes You Laugh?

Lot’s of things make people laugh! For some of us, it’s inappropriate jokes. Others may get a kick out of dry humor and wit. And, for those with a more twisted sense of humor, watching a clip of another person running into a wall might be enough to have them rolling on the floor. We asked the Loco Mag staff members what their favorite kinds of jokes are, and this is what they said.


Okay, okay, I admit it. I like dad jokes. You know, the ones that you hear and you instantly have to groan after? They’re even better when they have a bit of a dark twist to them. And the real problem is, I love telling jokes. After all, they make me laugh, which is all that really matters.  So my friends–and by that I mean every single person I can get to stand still long enough to hear the punch line–all have to suffer along with me.

Now what, exactly, constitutes as a dad joke.

For me, that’s pretty simple.They’re jokes my dad told me when I was a kid. He was the ultimate dad-joke machine.

For example: There was a man lying on his deathbed in the hospital. The Doctor came in and told him “I have good news and bad news. The good news is, you have 24 hours to live. The bad news is, I was supposed to tell you yesterday.”

*insert groan here*


Me? I am the self-proclaimed Queen of Puns, otherwise known as the Princess of Pissing People Off. I love all things punny, and I share things I find punny, which eventually bothers the hell out of the people around me. You need a crappy joke? I’m all over that. You can count on me to diffuse most situations with a really, God-awful play on words.

Sometimes it comes in handy, but I’m also not remotely serious. My friend group can vouch for this. I can handle important conversations, guys, I promise!

What can I say? I appreciate a good pun.

It’s not just puns, though. Hit me with some sarcasm, or a classically stupid joke. Here’s a good one for you: if you’re cold, stand in a corner.

Corners are 90°.

*Roaring applause intermingled with tomatoes being thrown onstage*

I’m sorry, I can’t help who I am.


I enjoy dark humor. All things crude, all things sarcastic, all the anti-jokes. These are the jokes I classify as ‘dark’. I think I like this type of humor because I myself am sarcastic. I can be serious, of course, but I just use sarcasm as my way of coping with people and/or situations that piss me off. As for anti-jokes, that kind of goes along with it all as well. These jokes all make of serious topics. They can definitely be offensive, but as long as you’re with the right people and you’re all making jokes about each other, it’s all just jokes at the end of the day. Here are couple of my faves from each of my three afore-mentioned categories:

Crude jokes  (In order to not be too offensive to our readers, this is just a mildly crude joke)

  • What’s the difference between love and herpes?
    • Love doesn’t last forever

Sarcastic jokes 

  • Not all men are annoying. Some are dead!
  • When one door closes, another one opens. Or you could just open the closed door. That’s how doors, you know, work.


  • Why did the little boy drop his ice cream?
    • He was hit by a bus
  • Roses are red

Violets are blue

I have a gun

Get in the van

Thank you, thank you! I’ll be here for the next three years. You can’t get rid of me and my dark sense of humor yet, Arcadia.


As a black, Nigerian, millennial who attended a music school for seven years and grew up in the hood, I naturally have a vast, non-cohesive sense of humor. I’m without a doubt drawn to jokes related to culture of some sort (okay, so I guess there’s a bit of cohesiveness in the things I find funny). And because I’m also nice, I’m going to give you a glimpse of what makes me laugh, category by category!

The Brown Category (with sub-cats)

Black Humor

If you’ve never seen the television sitcom Everybody Hates Chris, you need to find a couch and do it now. The show is based on the childhood experiences of its executive producer Chris Rock, so obviously it’s full of hilarious black humor! Here are two of my favorite from the show:

“Slap the Black Off”

What I love about this joke is it’s familiarity and it’s ability to follow through. I can’t tell you how many times I said that I’d , “slap the black off,” of someone in the midst of my early 2000’s frustration, yet, I never actually did! It’s just a crazy expression that, for some reason, black people can’t stop saying. This episode of Everybody Hates Chris does a great job of not just referencing the age-old threat, but making it come to life in a hilarious way. The best part is when the detective says, “Is this the black?”  


“The Substitute”

This episode had me and my siblings rolling when it first aired. Ms. Morelle, Chris’ teacher and eventual principal who’s racist but means well, comes back from her trip to Africa (decked out in her appropriated ankara, of course)  and asks Chris if he knows a guy named “Induku!” If there were ever a moment to insert the phrase “It’s cause I’m black, ain’t it,” this would be that moment.

Nigerian Humor



I’ve never received an email from a Nigerian prince, but I’ve gotten a few Facebook messages and marriage proposals. If you’ve had this experience too, just know it’s a scam! This type of fiscal fraudulence is what Nigerians call “419” (pronounced “four, one, nine”). Still pretty hilarious, though––well, not for the victims.

The Awkward & Geeky Category

Weird Millenial Humor (for the Dan Schneider tv victims)

I love all of the strange, yet highly comical things said and done by characters in classic television shows like All That, Drake & Josh, and iCarly. If I’m weird, it’s because I spent my days watching theses shows (and have never stopped).


There are no words. Just mystic beauty. Soak it in



Music Jokes and Puns

As an orch dork, I absolutely love jokes related to music and composers. I especially love the exclusivity of most musical jokes because it makes me feel way cooler than people who don’t know the terms or understand the significance behind the jokes! Hehe, you can’t sit with us!


Indeed, they do.

Welp, that’s all folks. We hope our taste in humor was enough to bring about even the slightest chuckle on this April Fool’s day! Don’t forget to share with us what makes you laugh!

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