Clean Plate

In Latin, “tabula rasa” means clean slate, and I think we can all agree that’s what we’re looking for in 2017. There’s plenty of ways you could apply this— whether it be in relationships, school, or at work.

It’s different for everyone, but for me, it means something a little off the beaten path. Instead, I think fueling my body with a clean plate will result in a better year.

A “clean plate” means replacing fatty, fried, and greasy foods with healthier options. With this, you’re filling your plate with healthy portions of each food group, such as proteins, vegetables, fruits, and even my favorite, carbs! It’s important to get a variety of each of these groups in each meal throughout the day.

It requires some courage to be able to admit that you’re not giving yourself the nutrients in which you deserve. In a way, you may feel vulnerable. I’m a major “foodie,” so when it comes to going out to eat or trying new foods, I don’t even consider what I’m putting into my body. It’s comparable to an addiction.

Addiction is a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry.”

I won’t lie, I have used food as motivation and a reward. Not only is it motivating, but it’s so simple for me to say, “Well, if I do this then I can have a donut later,” or something along those lines. I wouldn’t ever allow myself to admit that it’s similar to drug and alcohol addiction, but it is. An unhealthy diet leads to about 700,000 deaths per year, more than 6 times the amount of people that died in 2010 from alcohol and substance abuse!

At the beginning of this year, I made a vow to make better choices when it comes to my eating habits. I started meal prepping and really examining the ingredients in each of my purchases. I became a BeachBody (a health and fitness group) coach and because of this, I was given the tools to continue to help myself. Although I’ve learned a lot, one of the most important things I’ve taken from this experience thus far is this: it’s not about what you’re eating, but how much you’re eating.

Overeating was a huge problem of mine when I was growing up. When you join BeachBody, they send you portioning containers, which have become my best friend. It also comes with a guide for how many containers of each food group you should be eating. It differs for every person!

Taking the time to research and plan is super important if you want to make better choices. I recommend eating about 3 meals per day, and filling in the gaps between them with nutrient-dense snacks. One of my favorite things when I’m hungry or craving something sweet is Mint Chocolate Shakeology! It’s packed with protein to fill you up, “green super foods” to fight off diseases and boost immunity, and digestive enzymes to break down foods and increase your absorption of nutrients. Healthy snacks are also a great way to get that serving of fruits of veggies that you’re missing!

Mint Shakeology Recipe:

1 scoop chocolate shakeology

1 tsp mint extract

8 oz unsweetened vanilla almond milk

8 oz water

1 cup spinach – not necessary

Balancing your meals, fueling your body with nutrient-dense foods, and prepping for the week are super important for starting your body off with a clean slate for 2017. You only get one body, it’s important to treat it the best you can, and a clean plate is a great way to start.

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