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February is just one of those months where nobody really knows what’s going on. We spoil our loved ones on Valentine’s Day, hopefully get a day off from work with President’s Day, and all tune into Oscar’s Night at the end of the month to see which of our idols has shined the brightest this year. Somehow, we just kind of roll with all the fickle weather and lack of real excitement until spring finally makes a well-anticipated appearance. But 2016 is quite a special year. Why? Because it’s a Leap Year. (Hooray for manipulating time just because we can!)

In truth, we had a tough time settling on just one theme idea that wasn’t totally cliche. Eventually, we condensed all of our great ideas into one very open-ended phrase: Your ID. This 22nd edition of Loco is packed with interesting takes on this theme, from Lana’s compilation of “IDs” that are significant to her to our staff member’s not-so-ideal travel experiences. We’ve got the scoop on punk band Burp! and their most recent tour,  poetry on identity by the talented Malina, and an awesome look at what Imago Dei means to people from different walks of life. And that’s not all — check back over the next week to see more great interpretations: gender identity, idyllic places in Philly, and one contributor’s relationship to her home state of Idaho.

Let this latest issue of Loco Mag inspires you to think outside the box. And like always, feel free to leave our lovely writers a comment and share our content across all platforms. We hope you enjoy, Loco readers!

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