Letter from the Editor

The witching hour is upon us, a new issue of Loco has arrived. Inspired by the changing of seasons and transition we make as we begin a new school year, the staff at Loco Magazine got creative by interpreting the “rituals” we were able to find in daily life. Taking it in the purest sense of the word we explored rituals in the occult sense by interviewing practicing Wiccan insiders, otherwise known as the real life “witches”.  Stretching the concept even farther, we looked beyond the surface and found that rituals can be habitual, or something we do almost religiously without even thinking about it.  The issue includes everything from pre-game party playlists to emotional recollections of a coming of age milestone journey.  If you’re stuck in your own rut-ridden-routine of daily life (wake-up, go to class, do homework, go to work, go to sleep, do it all over tomorrow sort of thing) break away from the monotony of the school year and make checking out the newest issue of Loco a part of your ritual.

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